XM Anomaly Primary
Okinawa Japan
2015.12.12 in Naha

We are the agents who can defend the earth Gather in Okinawa Blue Guardians


What's "ABADDON"?


It is the name for the largest official event of INGRESS, world wide battle between Resistance(blue) and Enlightened(green). This event series:"Abaddon" consists of 11 battles in each city. The last one, and the final of this year will be fought in Okinawa and its result affects the main story of INGRESS, which is in progress even now.

About this event

The name "ABADDON"

Revelation 9:11
"And they had a king ouer them, which is the Angel of the bottomlesse pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in th e Greeke tongue hath his name Apollyon." KJV (1611)

The Hebrew word "abaddon" is thought having its origin in ancient Semitic, "abad" which means destroy or perish. In Revelation, a fallen angel bearing this ominous name appears as a governer of chaos.

("Abaddon"... What is destroyed and perished by the angel of abyss? Coming battle in Okinawa may reveal the truth....)

Relation to the Back Story


Relation to the Back Story

"N'zeer", unknown power which appears in the back story of INGRESS. This existence is described as keeping deep silence for five thousands years. One hypothesis says that "Abaddon" would guard a key at the bottom of the pit, for keeping the mysterious entity as a captive. Because there are no reason to go to there for this solitary angel, having no other records in ancient documents.

Satan = N'zeer, the key of abyss = the key of Resistance... These are just hypotheses, but something big must move by the result of coming battle.
We Resistance win the series:Abaddon, and win the final triumph.

It's time to move.

"Okinawa around you is not what it seems."
The time has come, liberate all of your potential. Comrades of Resistance, gather in Okinawa!

How to participate in the battle of "Abaddon"

1. Show you fighting spirit in officail event page in Google+

Choose "Yes" in the page below.
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2. Buy ticket in official web page

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Without this process, you can get any event medals of Abaddon.

3. Join Resistance communities and maneuvers

Joining Resistance communities and maneuvers must give you the chance to know many other agents. This is the best way to enjoy not only the event, also every day's activity of INGRESS.

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