XM Anomaly Primary
Okinawa Japan
2015.12.12 in Naha

About the Event “Abaddon”

“XM Anomaly Primary Okinawa Japan 2015.12.12 in Naha” is held by Niantic Labs.,  under cooperation with local governments. Niantic Labs. had been started as a startup of Google, and having developed and operated INGRESS, now they are an independent company.

INGRESS has very unique style of fandom, the operation of “official” events is not the exception. Most of advertisements are published by players, this website is one of these activities. We are just players of Resistance side, and recruiting participants by ourselves. Of course, another team Enlightened does same for themselves(If you are an Enlightened agent, please go to their website:http://abaddon.okinawa/ ). Please remember both of these websites are not “official” of Niantic Labs.

So we have to got the latest information from “official” comments by Niantic Labs., and we will post them on this website as they say something new.

We are doing our best, but if you could not find what you want to know here, please contact to our SNS accounts.