XM Anomaly Primary
Okinawa Japan
2015.12.12 in Naha



This is a game using GPS(Global Positioning System), which is implemented on smartphones and tablets. Not only location-based, it has also argumented reality and massive multiplayer game’s phases.
Ingress had developed and operated by Niantic Labs., at first a startup group in Google and now independent company. As most of good apps, this game has been updated often, not only software itself, also back story.

Players in Okinawa

Since the release of iOS edition at 2014, more and more players have joined to INGRESS and fight fiercely every day.

(Blue and Green parts are the fields each faction won.)

Sightseeing and INGRESS

INGRESS is a video game, but also an outdoor game. Players must go to the real position for winning everything in the game. Several people and local governments focus on the characteristic, and begin to use it for gathering tourists.

(Example in Yokosuka city.) 横須賀xIngress
スクリーンショット 2015-11-08 22.28.07

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