XM Anomaly Primary
Okinawa Japan
2015.12.12 in Naha

Cooperation Shops

These shops cooperates with Ingress. Showing scanner screen when you pay at these shops, you can get an item card(limited offerings). And several shops are preparing special gifts for agents, please visit them.

Ramen Ryu-ya (Noodle Restaurant) 11:30-24:00

Known by their original soup, based on bone bouillon.

Souvenir shop Taifu (Souvenir) 9:30-22:00


Providing much smile(in various meanings…

ISLAND SPIRIT (Accessory Shop)10:00-22:00

Silver accessories, which can show you the ocean! And Talismans!

Hayate-Maru Kumoji shop (Noodle Restaurant) 11:30-25:00(next day’s 01:00) Fri. Sat. 11:30-27:00

Hokkaido Ramen, Okuhara style

Nangoku Ichiba Kumoji shop (Souvenir)

In their shop, Hello Kitty, One Piece, and many other character goods are available. Mon-sukou is one of their best seller, Monster Hanter×Chinsukou collaboration cookie. And they deallocal sweets, shi-sa ornaments, traditional crafts and other various goods.

Washita shop (Souvenir)10:00-22:00

Dealing 3,000+ items is one of the most cpmprehensive shops of Okinawa domestic products. Their parlor is also popular for foods and drinks which use Okinawa domestic ingredients.

Motonari Kumoji shop (Noodle Restaurant) 11:00-05:00 of the next day Sun. 11:00-24:00

They offer one special cooked egg(nitamago) for each agent who buy their ramen noodles. and one small dish of gyoza dumplings for 3+ agents eat their ramen.

Tidanowa Main-shop (Accessory shop) 9:00-22:009:00-22:00

Preparing something special and secret for agents.

UmiChurara, The antennae shop of Okinawa Chura-umi Aquarium (Souvenir) 10:00-22:00


“We had come for Abaddon, so do not have enough time for visiting the Aquiarium…”
Do not warry, agents. UmiChurara deals Chura-umi original souvenir, and of course small tanks of tropical fish and movies are set for appreciation.
They offer that 12th and 13th of Dec., all payment will be accoounted by 10% off price, when their clerks could check each agent’s scanner screen.