XM Anomaly Primary
Okinawa Japan
2015.12.12 in Naha

Summary of “Abaddon”

XM Anomaly

INGRESS has couples of world wide special events which are called “XM Anomaly” in a year. In Japan, 2014 in Tokyo, and March 2015 in Kyoto, June in Sendai, each XM Anomaly had been held.
The results of these special events affects the main story of INGRESS, and many players all over the world focus on. Each events held in Japan gathered thousands of participants, from even far nations.


Each XM Anomaly has unique name for its own, “Abaddon” is the name for coming one. Participants of the events can obtain unique medal for each XM Anomaly, but since this time, participation and TICKET(see “how to participate” in our top page) is required for that.
Each XM Anomaly medal has also unique appearance, and it will remain forever in your agent information screen for honoring.


Actual battle

In special events, ownership of specific portals used to be counted in the score, so many agents gathering around portals fire bunch of L8 XMP Bursters, deploy tons of AXA Shields. This unusually harsh style of battle is called as “wanko” in Japanese. Covering the event site with huge Control Fields, linking with other portals are also good source of score. For this way, several agents used to have a long journey to small islands in middle of the ocean.
For other rules and details, please read our web page
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Can Beginners(Level1, 2) join?

Most of beginners used to think “I have no friends in INGRESS players, no acquaintances in INGRESS community…” No problems. We Resistance organize these teams below for beginners and casual players.

チームこしら募集(Team Koshira)
Master Koshira Tatekawa is famous as a storytelling artist by his original story “Ingress Rakugo”,  but not only for it, he is also a veteran Resistance agent. Master Koshira volunteered a tutor in “Abaddon” for let beginners know fun of INGRESS.

PlSp特殊遊撃部隊募集(PlSp Special Assault Team)
PlSp Special Assault Team: “Assaulter Resistance” PlSp named his agent name from the abbriviation of “Playing Supporter”. This time, his “special” means special fun, which could be obtained only beside him.